Q. What type of benefits do you provide?

A. We have available low cost medical, prescription card, dental, vision, life and short-term disability. All benefits are available for a single individual or for the family. See the Company Driver Benefits section for a full explanation.

Q. As a Company Driver, what type of equipment will I be driving?

A. Most of our fleet consists of FreightlinerŽ Century Class conventional tractors which contain the 455 horsepower Detroit Diesel series 60 engine with a Jake BrakeŽ engine brake. In August 2008 we began adding Freightliner Cascadias and International Prostars into the Fleet. The Cascadias contain the Detroit Diesel DD15 engine and the Internationals contain the Cummins ISX 435 ST engine. You will have an assigned tractor since we do not slip-seat the equipment.

Q. What type of transmission do you have in the truck?

A. Most of the Freightliners and Internationals contain the Meritor 10-speed transmission. The Freightliner Cascadias contain the Eaton 10-speed transmission.

Q. Do your trucks have cruise control?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have satellite communications?

A. Yes. Load assignments, fueling and routing suggestions are sent to the truck through a satellite communication system. The system allows you to communicate with Fleet management and many other departments within the company without ever leaving the truck.

Q. How do I find out about a dedicated job?

A. If you are a Company Driver, visit with your Fleet Manager or any of our Recruiting Department staff about our dedicated opportunities. 

Q. Is the company mileage pay calculated on industry standard "short route miles?"

A. No. Crete Carrier Corporation, which owns and operates Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking and Hunt Transportation, Inc., pays "practical route miles" to all its drivers. This decision was made with the best interests of our drivers in mind. At Crete, we believe if you drive practical routes you should be paid practical route miles.

Q. Are the company trucks governed with respect to speed?

A. Our speed policy is 62 miles per hour.

Q. Do I need Hazardous Materials (Haz Mat) endorsement on my CDL?

A. At Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking the endorsement is required. Hunt Transportation, Inc. does not require the endorsement. The company does however assist you in covering the costs of the endorsement. The company will pay its DOT qualified Company Drivers the sum of $100.00 to reimburse them a portion of the cost associated with securing the renewed Haz Mat endorsement.

Q. Do Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking have toll cards?

A. Yes. We have E-ZPass and I Pass transponders; however, not all travel on toll roads or turnpikes is authorized. Toll roads and turnpikes are authorized at time of dispatch by virtue of being included within the suggested fuel routing.

Q. Does the Company have forced routing?

A. No. We do provide a suggested route guide at the time of dispatch. This assists us with maintaining fuel efficiency and supports our ability to pay drivers practical route miles instead of short route miles.

Q. How can I take advantage of your family rider program?

A. Specific family members are allowed to ride along at no cost to the driver. Authorized passengers are a spouse, children, step children, foster children and grandchildren of the driver. Generally, only one passenger from this group can be on the truck at a time and all passengers must be cleared and authorized by the Safety Department before getting on the truck.

Q. Does Military Experience count toward qualification?

A. Military personnel who have a Class A CDL or verifiable over the road experience, or successfully completed an approved truck driving school will be looked upon favorably and most often may qualify for employment.


Q: When do I have to chain up?
A: There are several different rules regarding the use of chains depending on the state where you are driving. Depending on the driver's assigned fleet, he or she may be required to carry chains on the tractor.  These chains may be utilized in accordance with state law.