2013 Crete Carrier & Shaffer Trucking Driver of the Year Awards

Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking are pleased to announce the 2013 Driver of the Year award winners. Below is a list of all the awards and the winning drivers. Each winner received a mantel clock, a personalized leather jacket, and $500 gift certificate. Congratulations to all!

Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence. Your quality and your ability to apply that to the completion of your job are greatly appreciated by everyone at Crete/Shaffer.

Driver NameAwardCompany Name
Sam BotsiosRookie of the YearCrete Carrier
Jason GrahamRookie of the YearShaffer Trucking
David MoonTrainer of the YearCrete Carrier
Dawn LeverichTrainer of the YearShaffer Trucking
Dan & Kathy KoubaTeam of the YearCrete Carrier
Ralph & Ann WrightTeam of the YearShaffer Trucking
Curtis St. ClairOwner Operator of the YearCrete Carrier
Terry PrideOwner Operator of the YearShaffer Trucking
Tony AlbertCompany Driver of the YearCrete Carrier
Tracey SloughCompany Driver of the YearShaffer Trucking