Crete Carrier Focuses on Driver Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea testing

This year, Crete Carrier Corporation and SleepPointe celebrate the fourth anniversary of their partnership in the sleep apnea program.  In 2010, Crete Carrier opened the first sleep study lab in Wilmer, TX.  Since this time, Crete has expanded to include sleep apnea labs at our terminals located in New Kingston, PA and Salt Lake City, UT.

Sleep apnea is the cessation of breathing during sleep, lasting at least 10 seconds and associated with a fall in blood oxygen or arousal from sleep.  This sleeping disorder is commonly found in patients also diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac problems.

The decision to partner with SleepPointe and offer this program was to provide drivers with sleep apnea an easy and effective means of diagnosis and treatment.  Additionally, the Department of Transportation had announced that it would be introducing more stringent regulations in regards to sleep apnea.  In preparation for the anticipated regulation and to improve overall driver health, Crete Carrier teamed with SleepPointe, a pioneer in providing sleep diagnostic services, treatment, and compliance monitoring for DOT regulated employees.

Each of the Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking sleep labs offers full polysomnogram testing with a certified sleep technician.  Once testing is completed, the sleep results are interpreted by a board-certified doctor and treatment options are discussed.  Currently, nearly 20 percent of company drivers and owner operators are using their C-Pap machines to treat their sleep apnea.  Since the inception, Crete Carrier Corporation has invested more than three million dollars in the sleep study program to promote better driver health and wellbeing.

“Our drivers are our most valuable assets,” says Tonn Ostergard, president and CEO.  “Ensuring their health and safety is a top priority here.  That is why we have made safety number one in the seven principles the company was founded on.  The sleep apnea program is just one more step we are taking to help our drivers.”

The Crete Carrier sleep apnea program was designed to help drivers afford the cost of the tests and treatment, and also to reduce the number of “out of service” days drivers could expect if required to take the test elsewhere.  By doing the sleep tests in-house, Crete has cut “out of service” time for drivers from nearly 20 plus days to two.  In addition, Crete covers the full cost of testing, which can cost upwards of six thousand dollars with insurance coverage.

“I am just very thankful Crete is now doing this for the owner operators.  I just want to thank Crete for making this possible and making the medical devices so affordable!  I am very glad Crete will do this for the drivers – it helps the drivers and the company,” said Steve Shapiro, Company Owner-Operator.