Crete Carrier Featured in November Issue of Driver Health Magazine


magazine recgonizes crete carrier

We are excited to announce that Crete Carrier is featured in the November issue of Driver Health Magazine, a monthly publication focusing on the health and wellness of truck drivers.

ZZ19F87F9B.jpgIn addition to Ed Garrett, a company driver since 1989 and currently a road test evaluator for Crete Carrier, being pictured on the front cover, there is a featured article on our sleep apnea program and our blood pressure machines.

Tim Aschoff, Vice President of Risk Management, is interviewed in the article and asked a series of questions about Crete’s active role in their drivers’ health.

The article states that Crete Carrier Corporation was “one of the first to acknowledge that keeping drivers healthy is just as important as keeping them safe on the road, and they implemented Crete’s unique Sleep Apnea and Wellness program to make it happen.”

We are proud to be be recognized as having one of the “most effective health and wellness programs in the industry.”

You can read the entire article entitled “Getting With The Program” on the Driver Health website.

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