Crete Carrier Gives Back with Santa Cop Program

Gift Giving with Santa Cop

As we gear up for the holiday season, we focus efforts on helping children in need. Nearly 16% of Nebraska families with children face hunger and financial struggle throughout the year. In an effort to help these families and raise their spirits during this exciting season, Crete Carrier Corporation donates toys and gift cards to the Lincoln Police Department’s ‘Santa Cop’ program.

Santa Cop is a collective program in which many businesses take part in to help make a difference for struggling families in the Lincoln area. The program began in 1980 when a handful of Lincoln Police Union members sprouted the idea to start a program that would help the children of Lincoln who ‘fell through the cracks’ of existing programs. The goal of Santa Cop is to serve children whose families do not receive assistance from other sources, experience an unexpected sickness, or suffer an injury. After the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, they also added those who had lost their job to the list of families served with this program. Santa Cop recognizes that children have no control over these events and know they will often go without during this special time of year. The program is completely run by police officers in the Lincoln Police Department in their off-duty time.

Each year Crete Carrier and our employees come together and donate to the cause. As one of Santa Cop’s largest contributors, Crete donates between 100 and 200 toys each year. This year $340 in gift cards and over 150 toys were collected. A highlight of the program for Crete Carrier came last year when we were able to donate an extra $500 in cash to be delivered to a family of Santa Cop’s choosing. The cash gift was delivered to a single-parent family who was then able to celebrate their holiday without worry of the financial burden the holidays often bring.

As we work together to make the holiday season a cheerful time for everyone, we also wish our trucking community a very merry holiday this year!