Crete Carrier Corp

Crete Carrier Corporation Increases Cruise Speed to 65 mph

Drivers at Crete Carrier can now Cruise at 65 mph

Crete Carrier Corporation is excited to announce an increase in the drivers’ maximum road speed while in cruise control from 62 mph to 65 mph. Many fleets including Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation, have been limiting their vehicle speed for two very important reasons—safety and fuel economy. In recent years, there have been significant advancements in technology and aerodynamics that have had a major impact on these factors. Technology such as collision mitigation, roll stability, and adaptive cruise control, have improved safety. Crete, Shaffer, and Hunt have spent millions of dollars investing in these products and others to help our great drivers be even safer while on the road.

Fuel economy is the second factor in limiting vehicle speed because fuel is one of the largest operating expenses trucking companies incur. Wind resistance works against a truck as it goes down the road. Other factors include grade and tire rolling resistance, and drivetrain losses. Crete’s truck and trailer suppliers continue to evaluate and innovate how they build their products to make sure they are doing everything they can to help lower fuel consumption. Continued investment in late model equipment allows Crete Carrier Corp to stay on the leading edge of fuel-efficient equipment. In addition, utilizing software technology that helps the company plan and optimize fuel routing makes sure fuel is purchased at the best prices.

When making this decision, Crete evaluated many factors including the ones mentioned earlier. The evaluation concluded that the company could make this change without compromising our Seven Principles, the most important being Safety First and Foremost. Crete would never sacrifice the safety of drivers or those whom drivers share the road. Crete’s CSA scores are among the top of in the industry – proof of its commitment to safety.