Dale Miller Retires From Shaffer Trucking

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Dale Miller’s Retirement Cake

Dale Miller, a fine gentleman and dedicated teammate of the Shaffer Trucking and Crete Carrier team, retired from full-time, active employment Friday, October 1, 2010.

Dale began his 45+-year career with Shaffer in 1961 driving a Kenworth cabover truck with a 6′ dromedary box on the back, pulling a 35′ trailer in a dedicated team operation running between Pennsylvania and Arizona.  The extra box on the back of the truck allowed Dale and his team driver to haul more product and stay legal with respect to restrictions for total equipment length.  They hauled clothing to Arizona, and on the return trip, brought back damaged clothes in the dromedary box and produce in the trailer.  Dale drove for Shaffer until 1964 when he left to take a local job.

Dale rejoined Shaffer October 1, 1968 in an office position, back when they “did it all”…….dispatched, billed customers, set up trip leases, lumped freight from Shaffer trailers to other carriers’ trailers when trip leasing a load.  When Duane and Phyllis Acklie purchased the company in 1974, Dale took over managing the Operations Department.  In 1982, he became President of Leased Trucks, Inc. (LTI, for those who can remember back that far).  Leased Trucks, Inc. was an affiliated fleet contractor that leased all of its equipment to Shaffer and eventually became the company drivers and company trucks for Shaffer.  In 1994, he became Vice President responsible for Fleets, Terminals and Recruiting.  Most recently in his career, Dale has worked with equipment acquisition, leasing and sales, tractor assignments, filled in on an “of counsel” basis for driver relations, terminal management, recruiting and much more.

Dale received Shaffer’s first and only “Unsafety Award” from Don Mottern in the New Kingstown, PA Safety Department when Dale took a snowmobiling vacation to Canada, and without having completed a proper pre-trip inspection, burned his shiny new snowmobile to the ground on its first trip out.

Dale has seen and been personally involved in many changes at Shaffer Trucking and the industry in general, and can share many great stories of his years with us.