Edward Webster Retires from Shaffer Trucking

webster looks forward to a new road ahead

Edward Webster retired from the Shaffer Trucking division of Crete Carrier Corporation on August 1, 2011. Eddie was with Shaffer Trucking for over 31 years and in that time compiled over 3,000,000 miles of safe driving. He also recently earned the 2010 Shaffer division Company Driver of the Year Award.

Eddie began his career with Shaffer Trucking in 1979 and was both a company driver and owner-operator.  He is retiring to the beautiful hills of northern Pennsylvnia, where he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and enjoying his favorite past-time of chopping wood for the winter.  The New Kingstown, Pennsylvania, terminal staff joined in celebrating Eddie’s retirement and honoring his many years of dedication to the company and the trucking industry. Thank you Eddie for your dedication to the Shaffer Trucking team!

Edward Webster is the gentleman in the plaid shirt off to the left of center. He is accompanied by several people from the New Kingstown Terminal.