Employee Feature – Justin Woita, Asset Manager

Justin Woita – The Jack of all trades

When we asked around for a good candidate to interview about their experience at Crete Carrier, Justin Woita’s name was the first thrown our way. His soft-spoken nature and openness to change has opened many different doors for him within the company.

Justin began his career with Crete in April 1999 in the fuel bay. During that time, shop employees had to manually swipe driver cards and write down driver codes to ensure accuracy. What originally started as a high school summer job, transitioned into an 18-year career. Within about nine months, Justin was promoted to the tire bay and his job grew from there.

Soon Justin was promoted to building and grounds maintenance. He spent the next three years painting, moving, scooping snow, mowing, and keeping the building and grounds in great shape. “I liked how active I was when I was working that job, but essentially nothing changed. It was always the same. And it was never good when you got a call over the intercom,” Justin stated as he laughed.

Although Justin always pictured himself doing physical labor, he decided to take a risk and transition into third shift operations. This was a difficult move for a few reasons. First, he wasn’t used to sitting behind a desk. Second, working third shift meant he went from working days to nights, getting up at 11 p.m. and staying awake all night. Professionally, Justin really enjoyed his new position because he had the opportunity to learn different aspects in the company and had a lot of responsibility. However, personally, the transition took a toll on his body. He gained a significant amount of weight, which you would never know now. He realized he needed to make his health a priority and began going to the gym during his breaks. Doing so helped increase his energy so he no longer depended on sweets and caffeine to make it through his shift.

After nearly four years, Justin took a position as a load planner and dispatcher. This was before Crete and Shaffer transitioned to asset managers. In this position, he got the opportunity to work with drivers more one-on-one, helping them through the many situations encountered each day. A few years after taking this position, Crete and Shaffer made the change to asset managers and load planners. When this happened, Justin originally requested to be assigned as a load planner. However, after a few months on the job, he really missed working with the drivers and having that one-on-one communication. He swapped positions to become an asset manager. He stated, “I really enjoy being able to help drivers out and being the piece of the puzzle to help them be successful.”

Today, Justin is an asset manager covering regional and dedicated drivers as well as managing many of our trainers. He truly enjoys working with all of them. Having experience on his side, he uses the knowledge he gains to help new drivers through difficult situations frequently arising on the road.

Justin says his biggest challenge is problem-solving when the unexpected happens. Drivers sacrifice a lot to be over the road, and being away from home for long periods can be stressful, especially when emergencies or family situations pop-up. It’s a challenge to make sure the business end and the personal needs of the driver are met, but Justin has never shied away. He enjoys being the one drivers can depend on.

Throughout his 18-year career, Justin has always been open to new opportunities and challenges. What started as a high school summer job has turned into a rewarding career.