Healthy Eating Tips

10 Healthy Eating Tips for on the Road

Tricks for Losing Weight

As a driver, many things work against you while you’re on the road. Sitting for long periods and grabbing a quick bite are two major factors breaking your weight loss goals. Here are 10 tips to help you keep on track.

Increase Veggie Portions

There are many health benefits to eating vegetables. Most vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. Vegetables are rich with many vitamins that are likely to make your day better! For example, potassium helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, fiber helps reduce cholesterol, and vitamin C supports iron absorption. Next time you’re looking to curb your snacking, choose from the abundant variety of vegetables.

Beware of Low Carb Options on Menus

The new push in the restaurant industry are low carbohydrate alternatives on menus. Though this may be good news in some cases, restaurants may be hiding something even bigger behind the numbers. Low carbohydrates don’t always mean your meal is low in calories! What does this mean? If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s pertinent that you also watch your overall caloric intake.

Order Salad Before The Meal

Gross! A salad? But salad is a low-calorie filler that can curb your ravenous hunger and prevent you from overeating during your meal. Here is the trick: you need to avoid creamy dressings, coleslaw, pasta or potato salads, Caesar Salad and bacon. Caesar Salads are often offered as a tasty starter, but what you may not know is the dressing contains fatty cheese and mayo. The average Caesar side salad ranges from 400-600 calories with 36 grams of fat.

Do salads still sound boring? Try adding artichoke hearts, red peppers, mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, or nuts to boost the flavor! Try practicing the fork dip.

Order your dressing on the side and dip your fork in the dressing before stabbing your leaves. You’d be surprised how satisfying the taste will be with how little dressing you’re using. Big calorie saver!

Looking For Something Sweet?

If you can’t seem to kick your sweet tooth and are looking for something sweet, consider choosing dark chocolate. Like carrots, studies have proven a small consumption of dark chocolate is good for eyesight.

Do you have a long drive ahead of you? A study performed at the University of Nottingham proves dark chocolate can boost brainpower and alertness for up to 3 hours!

Avoid Foods That Spike Your Appetite

You’ll be surprised that these common foods are actually working against your weight loss goals. Cheese, juice, and sugary cereals are among the top culprits. Here’s why. Refined sugar, found in most processed foods, is highly addictive. Sugar is associated with a high dopamine release in your body after consumption, making you want more and more. Stop the addictive cycle and limit these foods in your daily diet.

Next on the list are granola bars. This can’t make any sense, right? These are advertised as being a healthy snack! Well, most granola bars contain a lot of sugar and oil, which as we previously learned aren’t good for the diet. Pushing the health statistics aside, most granola bars are just big enough to wet your appetite but not satisfy it. If granola is your favorite and you just can’t kick it, look for bars with 5 ingredients or less.

Are chips or pretzels your pitfall? It’s likely you’ve said, once you start eating chips or pretzels, you just can’t stop. Here’s why: salty snacks are high in sodium and usually low in protein. Protein is a key ingredient in helping you feel fuller longer. So if you catch yourself mindlessly eating away at your chips, it’s because they aren’t filling your stomach with lasting substance.

Lastly, fast foods are your biggest enemy. You’ve heard it many times over. Fast food is bad for you! But do you know why? Fast foods contain preservatives high in trans fat. These ingredients aren’t naturally registered in your body, so they interrupt the information flow between your stomach and brain telling you when you’re full.

Drink Water

Often thirst is masqueraded by hunger. Next time you’re hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes to see if you’re still itching for a snack. Chances are you’re dehydrated. A good habit is drinking 8 oz of water every hour. Keep a water bottle in your truck and dieting has never been easier!

Look For Local

As a driver, you’re on the road viewing many parts of the country. Look for local restaurants or food shops. Experience the culture in the community rather than eating at fast food restaurants with heavily processed foods! It is always better to eat a larger meal with fewer preservatives than eating a quick meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.

Practice One And Done

Don’t make it hard to live a healthier life. Pick one high-calorie item a day, enjoy it and move on. Allowing yourself to indulge once each day will help you stick to your goals.

Pack And Eat Snacks

Don’t mindlessly snack. Snacking is okay and sometimes a better option than eating 3 large meals. To prevent unhealthy snacking, keep a collection of snacks in your truck you deem healthy and in line with your goals instead of grabbing something quick at a truck stop.


Take time on your breaks to move. You have been sitting for hours. Your body will appreciate standing or going for a short walk.