Owens Corning Recognizes Crete Carrier for Service Excellence

Excellent Customer service from top dry van carrier

Owens Corning recently named Crete Carrier as a recipient of a 2010 Global Logistics Carrier Excellence award.

The Owens Corning Global Logistics team recognized Crete Carrier for superior on-time performance, while contributing significantly to the success of the entire Owens Corning enterprise in 2010.  Crete Carrier was among a select group of carriers that Owens Corning recognized for their extraordinary commitment to Owens Corning. This is the fourth year in a row that Crete has been recognized for this award. Over the past year, Crete has shipped loads of insulation, shingles, stone products as well as fiberglass and raw materials on the composite side produced by Owens Corning.

Crete has again proven to be our top dry van carrier over the last twelve months. They have a professional team that works very hard on our account, and they have out performed their competition everyday,”says Brad Parkhurst, Customer Relations Leader, Owens Corning.

“This type of superior customer service truly makes a difference and through these efforts we have been able to separate Crete Carrier from the other companies serving Owens Corning. Thank you to our entire team of associates and our drivers. The Carrier of the Year Award couldn’t have been won without each of you. You are our most valuable resource,” says Tonn Ostergard, President and CEO of Crete Carrier Corporation.

Owens Corning annually recognizes carriers of all types for their service on both inbound and outbound transportation service.   In addition to service, award-winning carriers are living Owens Corning’s waste-free sustainability goal by their involvement with the SmartWay™ Transport Partnership and impressive safety record. SmartWay™ is a voluntary partnership between various freight industry sectors and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that establishes incentives for fuel efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.