Supporting Our Community

Crete Carrier active part of the community

In addition to taking care of our company drivers, Crete Carrier is dedicated to supporting our local community  through partnerships, education programs, and donations.

Crete Carrier supports the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County through volunteering, donations, and pacesetting activities. Crete takes pride in the fact that this could not be accomplished without our employees’ generosity and willingness to help.

ZZ1880F9EB.jpgOur drivers support Trucker Buddy International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to help educate and mentor schoolchildren in grades two through eight through a pen pal relationship with professional truck drivers. Since 1992, Trucker Buddy has helped educate more than a million schoolchildren throughout the world.

Crete Carrier’s Maintenance Division routinely hires technicians from accredited diesel college programs on a part-time basis during school with the possibility of employing them full-time upon graduation. This on-the-job training, along with the education the students receive, combines talent and opportunity that benefit both the students and Crete Carrier.

Crete Carrier provides mentoring opportunities for young people. These opportunities include job shadowing, mock interviews, onsite tours, and participation in Junior Achievement.


We hold annual onsite blood drives to benefit local blood banks. In addition, blood pressure screening stations have been installed in Lincoln NE, New Kingstown PA, Marietta GA, Wilmer TX, and North Salt Lake UT. Although these machines do not take the place of a certified medical technician, they will help you determine if you should see a doctor.

Crete Carrier sponsors the Folsom Children’s Zoo in its mission to influence present and future generations through conservation, education, and interaction. Crete has assisted the zoo with renovation and construction projects such as the Bear Habitat and Education Center.

Crete Carrier