Two Iraq Veterans Reunited through Crete Carrier

VEterans reunited

Serving in Iraq together in 2004-2005, veterans James Krueger and Ken Colson have not seen each other in ten years.  James served in the United States Army for 27 years, and began driving for Crete Carrier five years ago.  Ken served in the United States Army for 17 years, serving three tours in Iraq.  He was wounded during his last tour, and returned to civilian life through the Wounded Warrior Transition Program.  Ken joined the Crete Carrier family as a load planner one year ago.

Working with a transportation company from Wichita, KS, around 120 military members from across the US were deployed in 2004 to Balad, Iraq to haul freight across the country to help with the war efforts.  James claims that Ken was his “right-hand man”.  He could count on him to ensure things were getting done.  After returning to the US, the two lost contact with each other.

Last week, while filling in for another load planner during lunch, Ken recognized a familiar name.  James was just finishing up some time at home, and was awaiting instructions for his next load of freight.  Ken sent James a message to the truck to be sure it was, in fact the right person, and was excited to find out he was right.

“I recognized his name, and one of the other asset managers asked if I was sure I knew him, and I said you don’t forget the people you serve with,” said Ken.

After hearing this story, upper management at Crete worked to schedule a load that would get James through the Lincoln, Nebraska terminal in order to reunite these veterans for the first time in ten years.