winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving adds another layer of complexity to your important job. Consider these tips for staying safe on the road!

1. Inspect your vehicle – Perform your pre-check inspection and Ensure your defroster, heater, wipers, lights, and brakes are in working condition. Make sure all windows and mirrors are clear of snow and ice.

2. Slow down – Adjust your speed to match the road conditions. Faster speeds decrease your reaction time.

3. Give yourself extra space – Compact snow and ice create a slippery road surface. Give yourself extra space to allow for longer stopping distances.

4. Visibility and traction – Winter can produce slick surfaces and reduced visibility. To better accommodate winter conditions, accelerate and decelerate gradually, and allow yourself extra stopping space.

5. When in Doubt, Pull Over – Winter’s reduced visibility and icy roads require additional preparation and attention on your part. Use your best judgment and pull over to the nearest safe harbor if you are ever questioning your safety.

At Crete Carrier, safety is the core of our values. Your safety is pertinent to your success. We want you to arrive safely at your destination, even if that means the need to reschedule your load to accommodate delays due to inclement weather. If you are running a delay due to inclement weather, contact the Operations Department for rescheduling.