2011 President’s Safe Driver Club

Now in it’s 35th year, the President’s Safe Driver Club was established by the Nebraska Trucking Association Safety Management Council with the sponsorship of Great West Casualty Company to serve a specific purpose: Recognition of professional drivers who are able to maintain an accident-free, citation-free record for an entire year.

To earn membership in the club, drivers must be employed by the nominating company for three consecutive years. Safety in both company equipment and personal vehicles is emphasized.

The driver must be:

1) A full time employee or permanent leased operator reporting to or being dispatched from a terminal within the State of Nebraska who drives a minimum of 10,000 miles on the public streets or highways of Nebraska annually; or 2) A full time employee or permanent leased operator who lives and drives in Nebraska.

Those drivers who are citation and accident free receive a certificate recognizing their expectional dedication to safety. First year members are recognized by receiving shoulder patches for their exceptional dedication to safety. Continuous membership in the club results in drivers receiving additional awards for reaching the 5, 10, 15, and 20 year milestones at an awards breakfast held each September.

Crete Carrier is proud to announce the following list of 42 drivers for obtaining or continuing their membership in the club. Congratulations!

26 Years – Charles J. Maly
17 Years – Meleese R. Schmidt
14 Years – Gene A. Ceder, Lowell D. Hoerman
8 Years – Larry D. Fisher, William J. Larson
7 Years – Richard J. Schmidt
6 Years – David R. Rudolf
5 Years – Christine M. Archer, Butch H. Henderson, Fredrick J. Saltzman
4 Years – Fred Nelson, Rodney D. Strothkamp, Joseph W. Johns
3 Years – Randy L. Anderson, Steven W. Buttrick, Joseph W. Klus, Jeremy D. Mentzer
2 Years
– Ronald D. Ayers, George G. Becker, Dennis D. Daily, Mark D. Hostetler, Robert W. Irwin, Leo J. Kozisek, Dennis M. Krupiec, Merlin A. Phelan
1 Year – Donald A. Archer, Tony K. Evans, Edward R. Floyd, Carol A. Friant, Karen D. Honeychurch, Gerald A. Konruff, Kathy A. Kouba, Daniel J. Kouba, Jerry R. Mayberry, Henry J. Scalf, Daniel W. Spier, Jeffrey S. Stevenson, Karen L. Vaughan, Cecil J. Veik, Dean R. Westerhaus, Thomas V. Worster