8 Online and Mobile Apps For Drivers

Helpful Apps to Drive success

In an effort to continue to provide for our drivers, we have compiled some of the latest apps and websites that can be assets for our truck drivers while they are out on the road.


(Available on ITunes and Android/ Google Play Store)


With free calls to any user worldwide, Skype is an easy way for drivers to stay connected. They can even videoconference with dispatchers, fellow drivers and family, and make calls to landlines and cellphones for less than most prepaid calling cards. With this app, drivers can obtain an online telephone number so they never have to miss another call, receive voicemail messages and get voicemail notifications by email, and send files and text messages.

Trucker Tools

With this free trucker’s app, originally a coupon app similar to Groupon, drivers can source coupons from more than 5,000 truck stops across America, find the lowest diesel prices in any given area, search for truck stops, and get turn-by-turn directions to each stop.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

Eating right is a challenge behind the wheel: Time is tight, hours are long, and access to restaurants is limited by parking constraints or highway exits. With this app, drivers can look up nutrition information for foods found at most restaurants, scan barcodes for instant nutrition information on packaged foods, and track total daily calories, fat and carbs.

CoPilot Truck

This first-of-its kind app uses voice-guided GPS-navigation to give drivers customized, safe and reliable truck-legal routes calculated based on vehicle size, weight and load type. Maps are downloaded and stored on the phone, providing drivers instant access, even when offline. Drivers can avoid low-clearance and weight-restricted roads, create custom route profiles for easy switching between vehicles, view and plan efficient routing options, and help avoid out-of-route miles.


Instagram is a free online photo sharing and social network platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram allows members users to upload, edit, and share photos with other members through the Instagram website, email, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Flickr. Instagram’s editing features include various digital filters, one-click rotation and optional borders. Photos can be shared on one or several social media sites at once with a single click.


Compare Your Pay

Crete Carrier Corporation’s new website that allows drivers to compare their current pay with what they could make at Crete Carrier. We are confident that our pay package can stand up to just about anyone, which is why we built this pay comparison tool. You work hard to provide for yourself and family; your pay and benefits should reflect that. Take the challenge.

For all local and national weather forecasts, including future forecasts and radar capabilities. Can be used on the website as well as the weather channel app available on both Apple and Android devices.

FiveThirtyEight (538)

FiveThirtyEight is a new cutting edge website designed by Nate Silver to cut through the clutter of this data-rich world. The site is devoted to rigorous analysis of politics, polling, public affairs, sports, science and culture, largely through statistical means. In addition, FiveThirtyEight provides forecasts of upcoming presidential, Congressional and gubernatorial elections through the use of its proprietary prediction models. Since 2013, FiveThirtyEight has been in partnership with ESPN and has produced many sports stories as well as predicting champions in the various sports ESPN covers.