A List of Crete Carrier Driver Programs

Different programs offer more opportunities

We’ve written several blogs about the benefits of driving for Crete Carrier. From company driver benefits, to our superior equipment, and our profit sharing plan, there are many reasons why professional truck drivers all over the US have chosen to drive for Crete Carrier.


What you may not already know, is that Crete Carrier has many different programs specifically designed to benefit our drivers. Read further to see just a partial list of Crete Carrier’s driver programs.

Practical Route Miles
We are one of a very few trucking companies in the nation who pay their drivers using Rand McNally Practical Route miles software to compute the miles. Many in the industry use what is referred to as “short route miles.” Our Practical Route Miles reflect about two to four percent more miles for which you get paid, and it is most likely the route you actually drive.

ZZ47E58027.jpgFamily Rider Policy
Crete Carrier Corporation has one of the more progressive rider policies in the trucking industry, allowing specific family members to ride along at no cost to the driver. Authorized passengers under the family rider policy are:

  • Spouse, which includes “common law” spouse where permitted by law
  • One child, stepchild, foster-child or grandchild 4 years of age or younger, provided they are accompanied by the non-driving spouse.
  • One child, foster-child, stepchild or grandchild 5 through 18 years of age, with or without the non-driving spouse.

Home Time
We believe it is important to get you home frequently. In the National Fleet you can expect to be away from home for 18 to 24 days depending on where you reside. Drivers will be entitled to one day off for every six days out on the road. Non-vacation home time will generally be limited to a maximum of four consecutive days. Regional and dedicated fleet drivers who drive a tighter geographical area will be home more often.

Stop-Off Pay
If your load requires multiple stops in addition to the original pick up and the final delivery, you will receive stop pay of $30.00 per stop.

Layover Compensation
As a Company Driver, you will be paid $100.00 per day if the layover is an operational issue other than freight availability, provided, however you have brought the layover issue to the attention of the Operations Department Managers and secured their approval. Also, if the layover is due to breakdown, a motel room will be authorized immediately. $100.00 will be authorized after the first 12 hours of layover. An additional $100.00 will be paid for each day thereafter.

As part of the employment process, all applicants cleared for hire by Crete Carrier will be required to attend a two day orientation in either Lincoln, NE; Marietta, GA; or New Kingstown, PA. Transportation, lodging, plus $140 to company drivers will be paid by Crete Carrier Corporation upon your successful completion of orientation.

24-Hour Road Service
Crete Carrier Corporation provides road service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event you encounter maintenance-related issues with your tractor or trailer. This road service operates under the division title of Acklie Maintenance Service (AMS).

Driver Referral Fee
The company will pay you referral fee of $1,000 for each qualified driver or team you refer to the company. The fee is paid $500 when the referred driver successfully completes Driver Orientation and $500 ninety days later.

Click here to view all of our driver friendly programs.

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