Crete Carrier Driver is Trucker Buddy Officer

Kellie, also known as “K.C.”, Brau has been elected secretary of the Trucker Buddy International organization. Trucker Buddy is dedicated to advancing student skills in reading, writing, geography, math and social studies through classroom pen pal relationships with professional truck drivers. Brau, who drives for Crete Carrier Corp. out of the Wilmer, Texas, terminal, has been a member of Trucker Buddy since 1999. He currently corresonds with two classes. One is an all boys class in Princeton, N.J., at Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart. The other is at Akin Elementary in Wylie, Texas. He e-mails the classrooms every morning with his location, sends a postcard once a week, and tries to send a letter every couple of weeks. “My goal is to get them looking at maps and learning the states,” Brau says. ” Then we’ll start doing a little math.”

Brau, one of three active drivers on the Truck Buddy board, first got involved in the organization’s governance when he was volunteering for Trucker Buddy at a truck show. Now that Brau is serving as an officer, he says he’ll “just continue to contribute what I can and do what is asked.”

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