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Many of our applicants have questions about the Crete Carrier training process and so we’d like to address some frequently asked questions about what it’s like to be trained by one of the nations largest privately owned trucking companies. Below you will find answers to some basic questions as well as a video interview with one of our trainers.


One of the things that makes Crete Carrier’s training program stand out is our 1-on-1 training program. All of our trainers have at least 3 year over-the-road (OTR) experience.

What is the student driver training process?
After successful completion of a driving school, all students who will be solo drivers will need to complete a paid 4 to 8 week on-the-job-training program with a Crete Driver Trainer. Students will receive $500 per week during the training, which is at the top for student driver pay scales. Our training process is a hands-on experience with a trained professional driver, not a “team” training program that other programs use. To hear one of our trainers talk about our program be sure and watch the embedded video below.

After successfully completing the 4 to 8 weeks of driving with a trainer, student drivers will be required to attend a two day orientation in Lincoln, NE; Marietta, GA; or New Kingstown, PA. Transportation, lodging, and monetary compensation for time spent will be paid by Crete Carrier upon the successful completion of the on-site orientation.

After 12 months of driving, the student driver will receive compensation at the “starting pay” as reflected in the Driver Pay Summary of the fleet in which she or he elects to drive. The time out on the road, dispatch method, and operating area for the student can be determined by reviewing the profile of the particular division in which the student elects to drive.

Talk to a Crete Carrier Trainer
David is a trainer at Crete Carrier and recently he spoke with us about the Crete Carrier training program. Video embedded below.

What are the qualifications to apply?
– Age 22 or above
– Eligible for employment in the US
– Read, write, and speak English
– No felony convictions in the last 10 years
– No drug or alcohol violations in the last 5 years
– No serious CDL moving violations in the past year

To apply for a job at Crete please visit

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