Doug Wilson – Driving Faith

Doug has been an over-the-road driver for over 20 years and has over two million career miles, one million of which have been awarded by Crete Carrier as safe miles.  Doug joined the Crete Carrier team over 10 years ago and served as a trainer for a portion of those years – helping to train over 80 new drivers during this time.  Staying with Crete for over 10 years has been an easy decision for Doug, who claims the best part about working for Crete is how the company works hard to take care of their drivers, from safety to upper management.  When asked what his favorite part about working for the company is, Doug stated, “The people – our management, our staff, the people in the offices and terminals.  We have a very close-knit tight group of people, and it is like a big family.”

When Doug Wilson graduated high school, he enrolled in Bible College in Scottsbluff, Neb. for one year, and then joined the U.S. Armed Services.  After being discharged as a disabled veteran during Operation Desert Storm, Doug rejoined the ministry in the Dallas/Fort Worth Seminary Baptist Theological School with the goal of becoming a minister.  Unfortunately, Doug was not able to finish his degree because of funding, so he decided to become a driver.  He fell in love with over-the-road driving and the ability to see so many different types of scenery – from the mountains to the lights of Albuquerque.  When asked what he enjoys most about driving Doug stated, “The change of scenery and seasons of the year – I have an office with a view.”

Over the past year, Doug has become deeply involved as a driver missionary with Truckstop Ministries, Inc.  Truckstop Ministries is a non-denominational ministry that works to bring the Word of God to drivers, giving the church an opportunity to spread the message of Jesus Christ to those who are very limited in access.  Truckstop Ministries has 82 chapel locations in 29 states and also provides a 24-hour prayer line and 24-hour devotional line available to drivers across the country.  As a driver missionary, Doug assists the chaplains in the chapels by helping to conduct fellowship meetings, praying with drivers, and distributing literature.

“I spent all this time in seminary school, but I never got the opportunity to finish it.  I thought that there would be no way that God would be able to use me,” Doug stated.  “Then I found out about the Truckstop Ministries missionary driver program and stepped into that role.  I realized that when you don’t think that God is able to use you, you find out just how valuable you can be.  I believe that if God can use me, he can use anybody.”

We are proud to have Doug as part of the Crete Carrier family.

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Doug Wilson – Truckstop Ministry Missionary Driver