Driver Appreciation Week – Big Thanks from Unilever

Below is an email that Crete Carrier Corporation received from Unilever regarding Driver Appreciation Week:

We trust that you will share this letter with your drivers as well as all within your organizations. As you know this is Driver Appreciation Week. Many of you we deal with on a day to day basis and certainly through the years have provided you with a verbal or email thanks from time to time. Can’t say that we ever get the opportunity to say the same to the people behind the scenes (ie drivers) that take pride in their jobs haul Unilever freight. From time to time, we have the opportunity to speak with a driver and learn about their adventures on the road as well as the challenges that are presented to them. They often gleam with pride and joy knowing that their efforts keep the economies in both the US and Canada moving along.

Each day as we drive home from our jobs, we pass by hundreds of truckers some of which maybe hauling Unilever freight. Each driver has a story to tell with which we never get the chance to learn of. Perhaps they are just around the corner from home after a long day or just starting on a journey that will keep them away from their loved ones for days to perhaps weeks before returning home. All the while, such drivers endure the traffic jams that we face as commuters, poor weather conditions and other challenges. Yet, these professional drivers go about their business with often little thought of from others on the roadway.

It takes a special person to be a truck driver and with that, we say thank you for all you do. You drivers rock!

Be safe and have a great day.