Increased options for owner-operator

Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking currently have more than 250 Owner-Operators behind the wheel and are looking to add more to the fleet. Crete and Shaffer take pride in the fact that they have a reputation of hiring the most professional Owner-Operators the trucking industry has to offer. Maintaining a quality overall Owner-Operator program allows them to lease on some of the best small business operators in the industry.

The Business Model at Crete and Shaffer is unique to the industry because Owner Operators really are small business owners.  Whether an Owner-Operator currently owns a tractor or desires to purchase a truck, the Business Model is designed to help build a business.  Crete and Shaffer’s financing program is a true purchase plan with a reasonable down payment and favorable interest rate, allowing the Owner-Operator to build equity in the purchased equipment and receive actual ownership of the truck with a free and clear title when the last financing payment is made.

Owner-Operators joining our team are compensated based on Rand McNally Practical Route miles opposed to the short route miles used by many other carriers. All Owner-Operators enjoy excellent fuel price control with our fuel surcharges and fuel discounts keeping fuel cost at or below $1.20 per gallon.  Further, the fuel surcharge is also paid using practical route loaded miles rather than the lesser short route miles. In addition to available medical, dental, vision, short term disability, life and other insurance plans, the Owner-Operator program features include access to the Bridgestone National Tire Purchase Program, a tractor re-license credit, detention pay as soon as we invoice the customer, and an IRA Program with contributions made by the company on your behalf to help you save for the future.

“Owner Operators and small to medium-sized fleet owners have always been an integral part of Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking. It would be difficult to find a more honest, real, and successful Owner-Operator business in the trucking industry. As an independent business owner, you have several pay options and fleets to choose from when deciding where you want to operate your truck. Subsidy payments to offset high fuel prices, IRAs, equipment purchase plans, and other favorable Owner-Operator programs are all geared to help ensure your success,” says Lyle Kruse, Equipment Sales Manager at Crete Carrier Corporation.

To learn about joining our Owner-Operator program contact our Crete Carrier Corporation Recruiting Team at 800-998-2221 or apply online at For more information about our purchase program contact Lyle Kruse at Crete Carrier Corporation at 800-998-4095 extension 7098.

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