Kyle Hoover – The Road to Weight Loss

overcoming the challenges of weight loss

In 2011, Kyle Hoover started a journey to change his life – by losing 265 pounds.  As he sat in his truck and finished a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s, dreading the moment he would have to step down and walk the length of his trailer, Kyle realized he needed to change.   He got out of his truck, set the timer on his phone for two minutes, and began his weight loss journey.

Kyle started with Crete Carrier in August 2010, weighing in at over 478 pounds.  At this weight, doing even the smallest tasks presented great difficulty, and he had convinced himself that this was his life and there was nothing he could do about it.  One of the many excuses he had accepted was that in his career, losing weight would be nearly impossible.  Sleeping in a truck, eating at truck stops, sitting all day, and only small amounts of contact with a support system all added up to failure and justified his weight.

“Helplessness was probably the biggest hurdle I faced in my own quest for health.  Being alone, unloved with no real connection and constantly feeling empty is hard, especially for someone like me.  I was built for love,” Kyle stated.  “Lacking love, I’d find myself chasing any good feeling I could find – and that was almost always food.  I’d binge until I was so full my stomach felt like it would split open. I’d feel alive and fulfilled.  Well for about twenty minutes, anyway.  After those minutes ticked away the guilt, anger and regret would set in.  I’d be enraged at myself and the world.  Who is doing this to me?  There is nothing I can do.  I can’t change.  This is my life.  It’s probably genetic. Even if I could control this, I won’t lose weight.  You fat loser – you deserve this life.”

For Kyle, losing the weight started the moment he decided to change his life.  He knew nothing about how to eat healthy or even making the changes needed for such a drastic change, so he gave himself a 30-day challenge in which he fought through hunger pangs, depression, and anger.  By taking it one day at a time, focusing only on what he could accomplish each day he survived the first 30 days – and jump-started his mission with a forty-pound loss.  That was the moment he knew that he could survive this journey.  Today, Kyle weighs 213 pounds.

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Kyle shows off his new fashion after the hard work of losing 265 pounds

“The main thing is, I had to want to lose weight.  All the doctors, friends, family telling me how important it was just fueled my depression.  Once I convinced myself I had a problem and admitted I had to change, the hard part was over,” Kyle said.

Changing his diet was the key to his success.  He spent hours researching ways of eating healthy and testing what worked best for him.  By avoiding breads and pastas and eating whole foods, Kyle worked to keep his diet as simple as possible while he was on the road.  He stated, “My general rule of thumb is if I have to guess how it was made or the ingredients used, I don’t eat it.  Another important thing is being accountable for calories.  I have a ten-dollar digital food scale from Wal-Mart and a set of measuring cups.  I never guess how much food I am eating, when we guess, we always eat more.”

Since losing the weight, Kyle has found a new passion for life.  He loves Harley Davidsons, skateboarding, writing, and technology.  He also has a love for fashion, music, and all things artistic.  His newest passion, however, is helping people get on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  Kyle will be a guest blogger for Crete Carrier Corporation throughout 2014, publishing a monthly post discussing his weight loss journey and giving tips on how to start your own journey.  He has a lot to offer, and enjoys inspiring people through his story.

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