Owner-Operator Driver Programs from Crete Carrier

On Tuesday we published a blog that listed company driver programs and today we’re following up on that topic with a list of owner-operator driver programs.

ZZ1E9C6E9C.jpgOwner-operators and small to medium sized fleet owners have been, and will continue to be, an integral part of our future. As true professionals owner-operators enjoy a high degree of productivity and financial security and have helped us reach a level of success that few carriers ever achieve.

Owner-operators joining our team are compensated based on Rand McNally Practical Route miles opposed to the short route miles used by many other carriers. Our fuel support keeps your fuel cost at or below $1.20 per gallon and is also paid using practical route miles.

Read below for a review of some of our owner-operator driver programs.

Orientation is two days in Lincoln, NE, New Kingstown, PA or Marietta, GA. We will supply breakfast and lunch for all Owner-Operators. The Company will provide a one or two night motel reimbursement at our corporate rate if owner elects to stay in their tractor.

Individual Retirement Account Payment (IRA)
To qualify, an Owner-Operator must be with Crete Carrier or Shaffer Trucking the full calendar year and have a minimum of 90,000 paid miles. Upon completion of your second full year, we will contribute $500 to your IRA account with our contribution increasing each year you qualify. With ten or more years of qualified service the contribution is $1500.00 per qualifying year. You are required to be under lease agreement when IRA payments are made to receive payment.

Northeast and Tolls
No forced dispatch to New York City. If you choose to take a load to NYC, the Company pays authorized tolls through E-Z Pass transponder on your tractor and Company pays city congestion fee of $100.00 per trip. Your tractor will be assigned a Company E-Z Pass transponder. If you follow the Company provided routing, the tolls on the routing will be paid. (Off routing tolls will not be paid.)

Rider Plan
Crete Carrier Corporation has one of the more progressive rider policies in the trucking industry, allowing specific family members to ride along at no cost to the driver. Authorized passengers under the family rider policy are:

  • ZZ506EDC3D.jpgSpouse, which includes “common law” spouse where permitted by law
  • One child, stepchild, foster-child or grandchild 4 years of age or younger, provided they are accompanied by the non-driving spouse.
  • One child, foster-child, stepchild or grandchild 5 through 18 years of age, with or without the non-driving spouse.

Tractor Insurance and Related Coverages

  • Blanket Physical Damage – Based on the value of your tractor – available through Capitol Casualty Company.
  • Bobtail Coverage – Available through Capitol Casualty Company at a cost of $30 to $41 per month.
  • Cargo Coverage – Available through Crete Carrier or Shaffer Trucking at a cost of $15 per month.
  • Workers Compensation Coverage – For most states available through Crete Carrier or Shaffer Trucking at a cost of $180 per month.

Tires and Parts
When possible, the Company will pass on its national account prices for tires and parts.

Tractor Lease / Trade Sale Program
The Company has a number of tractor lease and purchase programs allowing an Owner to buy equipment more economically. In certain situations the Company may be able to take the owner’s present tractor in on trade.

There are even more! View the full list of Crete Carrier Owner-Operator Driver Programs.

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