Safety first and foremost


As one of the safest carriers in the industry, we are well aware of the commitment needed to balance safety and service, particularly when safety directly affects you and your CSA2010 record. Crete Carrier Corporation’s long term commitment to Safety First & Foremost and hiring and retaining safety conscious drivers has resulted in favorable CSA2010 scores for both the company and our drivers.


Many drivers and companies only started thinking about safety and CSA2010 in the last eight to ten months. At Crete Carrier Corporation we have a well established history of putting safety first and our scores confirm that our company’s safety, maintenance and driver programs, and more importantly, our drivers’ daily driving practices, are effective. We will continue to strive for improved safety and ensure our favorable CSA2010 scores.


Part of putting safety first is being a leader in improving the safety and quality of life for our drivers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. Whether its investing in new safety technology such as the OnGuard Collision Avoidance and Roll-Stability System, providing sleep apnea testing at our terminals, or utilizing electronic hours of service systems, our goal is to provide drivers a career at a place where their safety is our #1 priority. After all, our drivers are our most valuable resource.