Three Call it Home

Home sweet Home

Everybody has to be somewhere, right? But the real question is why do some drivers stay with one company when there are thousands to choose from? These three fellows will tell you why in a few short words.

“It’s a sense of family that you get working with the people at Crete Carrier Corporation,” according to Gary Parsons from Maryland, who joined the Shaffer Trucking controlled temperature division about six years ago. “I know you won’t believe me when I say this, but you can actually feel the love in this place. Everybody I have encountered here tries to help a driver in any way they can. They give me great equipment; don’t make me run illegal, and best of all pay me what I have earned. From what I hear from other company drivers on the highway, our pay is way better than most outfits. The truth is I came here for the money at first, but the reason I stay is because Shaffer treats me like a professional. As far as I’m concerned I’ll be here until I retire.”

Of course, hauling refrigerated freight is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some drivers prefer a trucking job that requires a little more exercise from time to time chaining down a load.

Rudy Schippell, who hails form Vanceboro, North Carolina, has been a flatbed operator for the past 25 years. “About eight years ago, I decided to join the Hunt Transportation division of Crete Carrier Corporation because I like the type of agricultural equipment that I saw their trucks hauling. The pay was good, but it takes more than pay to keep a driver on board. We have good equipment, and if something goes wrong they fix it quickly or they give you another one. And I don’t get stopped at scales very often; in fact, I don’t even remember the last time I had a scale house inspection. Plus there are a lot of benefits you may not notice at first like the profit sharing, the 401K and vesting after only three years. They have medical insurance, including dental and vision coverage as well. As for the work, I like the fact that everyday I do something different. I think I’ll stick around for awhile.”

Then there are those who like the van operation that wears the Crete logo on their equipment.

James Spain, from Reform, Alabama, has been pulling Crete Carrier’s 53’ trailers for almost five years. According to James, “any job is a combination of pros and cons. At Crete Carrier, the pay is very good and I haven’t seen any competitors tempting me on that issue. Plus they keep me moving – and I really appreciate that. The equipment is top notch and breakdown problems are very rare. My 2011 Freightliner Cascadia has the extra battery pack for heating and cooling for up to 10 hours when the truck is shut down. In addition to the affordable medical insurance they offer, Crete Carrier has a pre-tax deduction that lets you set aside money for a Flex Spending Account for some medical expenses, and they don’t charge me anything for administering the account. As long as they will have me, I will stay here. It was the right choice for me. I enjoy driving and that’s a big help on this job. As I said, it’s a matter of pros and cons on any job, but for me the pros far outweigh the cons at Crete Carrier.”

Well, it’s easy to see why Gary Parsons, Rudy Schippell and James Spain have stayed with the Crete family: Pay, Respect and a place to call Home.