Tips to Help Drivers Reduce Safety Violations

Here are a few tips to help drivers refrain from getting violations that hurt their CSA scores and the scores of their carriers.

Always buckle up
While it seems like a simple thing, making a habit of always wearing a safety belt significantly improves a driver’s chances of surviving an accident. Although some believe that it’s better to be thrown free of a vehicle in the case of a crash, studies show that drivers who remain in their vehicles are 25 times more likely to survive than drivers who are ejected from their vehicles. Moral of the story: click it every time you drive, even if you’re an excellent driver. You never know what might happen.

Check your blind spots
Although truck drivers know of the dangers of blind spots, the motoring public in general doesn’t understand the true size of the blind spots of larger trucks. For this reason, it’s important for truck drivers to stay mindful of blind spots when changing lanes and turning. Using turn signals and constantly checking surroundings could prevent a costly accident.

Love your ride
Drivers put their faith in their tractor-trailer every day to get them safely there and back again, and it’s important to make sure a truck is properly maintained before ever starting out on a journey. Every driver should know how to inspect their truck and identify safety issues early on to stay safe and avoid violations.

Slow down just a little
After spending a bit of time on the road, it’s normal for drivers to become confident in many different types of weather conditions. However, it’s still important to slow down when driving in inclement weather. As a general rule, drivers should slow down to two-thirds of the speed limit when the roads are wet, and to half the limit when driving in heavy snow. When it first starts to rain, water mixes with oils already on the raod and makes the road extrememly slippery. Slowing down can not only save lives, but improve fuel efficiency as well.

To sum it all up
Drivers can help improve the CSA scores of their carriers, reduce CSA violations and increase the safety of our roads simply by making sure to pay close attention to their surroundings, getting enough sleep, observing safety laws, and slowing down in poor driving conditions.