Tips to Maintaining Healthy Relationships

want to create Healthy relationships?

Maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family is difficult, but it can be especially challenging as a truck driver. Being away for weeks at a time can often put a lot of stress on the driver and the family back home. In fact, nurturing quality relationships while on the road is one of a driver’s biggest stresses.

We have put together a few tips for you to help you improve your relationships and keep your stress levels low.

Network through social media

According to Buck Black, author of “Healthy Trucker” and licensed therapist, “One of the easiest ways to network with other drivers, make friends, socialize, and find answers to a variety of your problems is to interact on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social media channels.”

To start networking and building relationships, begin by following company social media pages. This is a great way to meet other drivers who drive for the same company and experience very similar situations. Plus this can help you feel connected to fellow colleagues while you are on the road.

Spend time together

Planning your time together is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy relationship. This issue is almost impossible to overcome because most truck driver relationships are long distance, but having a plan for your time at home can greatly impact the success of your relationships.

A few ways to spend more time together is to schedule dates for the two of you while you are home. Make sure the dates allow the two of you to not only have fun but to communicate with each other. Another great way to spend time together is to take advantage of your company’s rider policy. Having your spouse join you on the road now and then not only allows him or her to see what life on the road is like for you, but also creates opportunities for the two of you to spend a lot of quality time together.

Plan your communication

Communication will make or break any relationship. Creating a communication plan with family and friends back home will greatly impact the success you have in relationships. When communication is poor, you and your spouse will feel a lack of connectedness and this is especially difficult to overcome while out on the road.

Talk with your spouse and set a time that works best for both of you to have a daily phone conversation. Black advises not to schedule this time right before bed. By following this advice, you and your partner will have enough energy to hold a quality conversation. Remember that a few texts throughout the day can go a long way, but this is not a substitute for a quality phone call.

Healthy relationships are rewarding, and keeping them takes time and effort. Develop a plan to help you network, spend time together, and communicate daily. By doing so, you will help relieve stress while you are on the road.