Truck Driver Training

Unique Approach to Truck Driver Training

Truck Driver Training for the real world.

Crete puts a lot of time and effort into creating the best drivers in the industry. Our truck driver training program is unique because of the time commitment we dedicate to giving our drivers the proper training they deserve. One of our trainers, Melvin Mayer, utilizes his ability to effectively communicate to successfully train truck drivers. Melvin humbly stated he became a trainer to make a difference in the industry, one trainee at a time. He knows he can’t change the world but can make a difference in each of the drivers he coaches.

Many differences need to be taken into consideration when training a driver from a smaller company who is transitioning into a larger company such as Crete. Small businesses don’t always offer many of the benefits Crete does such as 401(k), profit-sharing, and health benefits. The smaller companies also don’t have logs, compliance and safety departments. It is important to explain the “why” to trainees from smaller companies because, from the driver’s seat, it can be hard to see why we do things a certain way.

“Here at Crete we are told to stop for gas because we have roughly 5,000 trucks out on the road, and if we can save one cent per gallon, then we are going to do so,” Melvin states. Melvin has explained to his trainees, “say at this truck stop we only fill up 40 gallons, but 100 miles down the road we can fill up all the way. It’s because of how we budget the money. It can be hard to see the big picture when you only have a small piece of the puzzle.”

Melvin finds it important to teach real life experiences to his drivers. “Sometimes what they teach you in school isn’t always what you deal with out in the real world.” If Melvin could go back and tell himself something he wished he knew when he started driving trucks it would be, “listen to the old man.” He was once the young man who thought he knew everything, but in reality, he had so much to learn about how the real world works. Looking back, Melvin has gained valuable knowledge through his experiences and is eager to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

Trainees aren’t the only one learning lessons from the road. Melvin claims he has gained knowledge about patience and dedication from the drivers he trains. “I am continuously learning from them. They teach me things about myself all the time,” states Melvin. Here at Crete Carrier, we put a lot of effort into learning about our employee’s personalities through color testing. Melvin has used the results from the color testing to better recognize their strengths. By acknowledging how his drivers learn new information, Melvin can create a positive experience for his drivers to become successful.

Balancing home and work life can be difficult for everyone. Drivers are constantly trying to find quality time to spend with family members while thinking about their next time out driving. Melvin put into perspective how he manages the balance. “Your family sacrifices a lot while you’re out on the road, and when you come home, you need to be there for them. It doesn’t matter if all you want to do is sit down and watch TV and your daughter wants to tell you about her day. You need to listen to her.” Families sacrifice a lot. Sometimes we forget about the struggles at home when we are not always there. Melvin says to take the time to go grocery shopping with your wife or husband and spend that time together one on one. Quality is more important than quantity.

Melvin has come a long way in his career here at Crete Carrier. As a young driver who thought he knew it all, he has grown into one of our wise trainers with valuable information to share with anyone in his presence. Melvin’s motto has always been, “good enough ain’t. You can excel. You can do more.” You can always do more than you think. Whether that is out on the road or at home with your family. You can always do more to succeed.