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Trucking Apps you Need to Make Life Easier

There are trucking apps for that

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days and apps have become a way of life. There are apps available to do just about anything. In fact, you are probably familiar with the saying “there’s an app for that.”  From booking and paying for showers to reserving parking, trucking apps are making life as a professional driver a little easier. We have created a list of must-have trucking apps you need to download.

Trucker Path

Trucker Path trucking app is a necessity. The app helps you plan your trips better using up-to-date information that is shared by other users like you, drivers. Trucker Path features over 5,000 truck stops with listed amenities and reviews from other drivers. It is also updated to help you find parking, hotels, truck washes, rest areas, low clearance areas, and fuel stations. The best part is that the app is a community. Leave reviews for the place you stop so others know the quality. It helps you make better and safer decisions on and off the road.

Park My Truck

Park My Truck was created by The Truck Parking Leadership Initiative, and was created based on feedback from drivers about the current parking situation. This trucking app lists available parking at a variety of truck stops and rest areas. It is updated by the parking provider and is free for both drivers and providers to use.

Weigh my truck

One of our drivers highly recommended this one. The Weigh My Truck trucking app helps save you time at the scales. All you need to do is pull into the scale, fire up the app and verify the information, and the weighmaster takes it from there. You are then emailed a PDF of your CAT Scale weigh ticket.

Transflo Mobile+

If you use Transflo and don’t have this app, download it immediately. Depending on how your carrier has configured the app, Transflo Mobile+ can help you manage loads, receive messages, scan documents, send and receive notifications, file accident claims, and much more.


This trucking app is new and improved! The app offers mobile fueling, access to your Pilot rewards, fuel line availability, ability to reserve parking, amenities, food, and more. The app helps you to cut down on fueling time so you can spend more time on the road.

Love’s Connect

Another great trucking app is Love’s Connect. The app gives real-time information on store locations, store amenities such as showers, food offerings, and special promotions. If you are a member of the “I Love Rewards,” you can also check your current points and available credits.

What are some of your favorite trucking apps?