2018 Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking Drivers of the Year

Crete Carrier Corporation celebrates another year of achievements in driver safety and productivity in 2018. In recognition of a successful year here at Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking, we are honored to present the following drivers with our Driver of the Year Awards! Many elements go into consideration as the fleet managers make their selections for each Driver of the Year. Safety, mileage, attitude, and appearance are among the key traits of a true professional and a driver who takes a great deal of pride in their work. The qualities you exhibit on the road are exemplary of the type of driver we strive to hire and retain at Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking. Your exceptional work ethic is greatly valued by everyone at Crete Carrier Corporation. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

Company DriversAwardCompany Name
Jeffery BudahlCompany Driver of the YearCrete Carrier
Raymond OdleCompany Driver of the YearShaffer Trucking
Raymond EhleOwner Operator of the YearCrete Carrier
Jeffery ClevengerRookie of the YearCrete Carrier
Jason HeathRookie of the YearShaffer Trucking
Stae & Earl HodginTeam of the YearCrete Carrier
Andrzej & Dorota DeptuchTeam of the YearShaffer Trucking
John ToweyTrainer of the YearCrete Carrier
George WalkerTrainer of the YearShaffer Trucking