The three divisions of Crete Carrier Corporation share a proud legacy of innovative leaders and dedicated drivers that influence our actions today as we strive to be the best trucking company in the country.


  • 1937
    Shaffer original headquarters - New Kingstown, PA

    1937 – Shaffer Gets Its Start

    Shaffer Trucking began in New Kingstown, Pennsylvania delivering chocolate for nearby Hershey, which remains an important customer. Shaffer started out as one of the first domestic shippers of confectionery products and has grown to be one of the nation’s largest food and temperature-sensitive carriers.

  • 1966
    1966 - The Beginning of a Business

    1966 – The Beginning of a Business

    The Crete Carrier Corporation story starts in Crete, Nebraska, in 1966. We began with six leased trailers and our very first customer, ALPO dog food. Our operation was small, but big things were just around the bend.

  • 1971
    1971 - A Legacy in the Making

    1971 – A Legacy in the Making

    Duane and Phyllis Acklie purchased Crete Carrier Corporation. Duane was an attorney and Nebraska native who served nearly 10 years in the United States Army. Midwestern values and a commitment to service provided the foundation for the Acklies as they built Crete Carrier into one of the nation’s top trucking companies.

  • 1973
    1973 - Putting Down Our Roots

    1973 – Putting Down Our Roots

    In 1973, the Acklies relocated Crete Carrier Corporation to our current corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    The Acklie family purchased a 5-acre plot of hard-surface parking for a West Lincoln terminal. According to Duane, “It was almost unheard of to spend that much money for just a place to park trucks. Our whole family pitched in, and we received no salary in 1973.”

    With a headquarters now located in Nebraska’s capital city, the foundation for Crete Carrier’s coming growth was established.

  • 1974
    1974 - Crete Carrier Goes Cool

    1974 – Crete Carrier Goes Cool

    In 1974, Crete Carrier Corporation acquired Shaffer Trucking, a temperature-sensitive carrier based in New Kingstown, Pennsylvania.

    Since joining Crete Carrier Corporation in 1974, Shaffer Trucking has continued to build on its reputation as one of the nation’s premier providers of temp controlled services. The merger with Sunflower Carriers, another Crete Carrier Corporation company, created one of the largest refrigerated transportation fleets in the country.

  • 1979
    1979 - Our Expansion Continues

    1979 – Our Expansion Continues

    In 1979, Crete Carrier Corporation continued our expansion into refrigerated trucking with the purchase of Sunflower Carriers, a refrigerated trucking company out of York, Nebraska. The Sunflower line was then eventually merged with Shaffer Trucking to create a single refrigerated trucking division.

  • 1987
    1987 - A Growing Dry Freight

    1987 – Acquisition Fuels Steady Growth

    Crete Carrier Corporation expanded the dry van fleet by acquiring Hilt Truck Lines based in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The move boosted Crete Carrier into a position among the leaders of the American trucking industry.

  • 1999
    1999 - Branching Into a New Market

    1999 – Branching Into a New Market

    With a new millennium on the horizon Crete Carrier Corporation added a new line of service with the purchase of Omaha-based Hunt Transportation. Hunt provides open deck and specialized transportation services throughout the nation. The company began in 1927 hauling livestock to the Omaha Stockyards. Today Hunt continues the connection with agriculture, hauling machinery for some of the biggest names in the business.

  • Present
    Present Day - A Nationwide Leader In Transport

    Present Day – A Nationwide Leader in Transport

    Today, Crete Carrier Corporation has grown into a transporter of virtually any product and operates more than 5,000 tractors and over 13,000 trailers throughout the continental United States. While this makes us one of the largest trucking companies in the world, we will always deliver on the little things that matter most to our customers.