How to make the Referral Program Work for You

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Driver News

What is a Referral Bonus?

At Crete Carrier Corporation, we pride ourselves on hiring the best, most qualified drivers on the road. As a company, we strive to expand and grow our opportunities for our customers and drivers. One way we are able to do this is through you, our drivers. You are our best recruiters and meet many people while you are on the road. Not only does Crete Carrier, as a company, benefit when we gain a new qualified driver, but so do you. Crete Carrier offers a referral bonus of $1,000 for each truck you help us fill. You receive the first $500 of the bonus when your referral is hired, and the second $500 after your referral has worked at Crete Carrier for 30 days. Crete Carrier Corporation has temporarily doubled the referral bonus to $2,000 for new hires made by July 31, 2018. The payment schedule begins with an initial $500 payment after a driver’s hire date and completion of any additional training if necessary. Subsequent $500 payments will be made every two weeks until the entire bonus has been paid.

What’s even better is that both company drivers and owner operators benefit from this program.

How to Refer a Driver

Referring a driver to Crete Carrier is simple. To fill out a referral, visit and simply enter the referral’s first and last name, their cell phone number, and your driver code.

Crete Carrier’s referral program can be used to supplement your income. Last year almost 350 drivers earned the full $1000 referral bonus and more than 20 drivers earned $2,000 or more in referral bonuses! We encourage our drivers to refer as many drivers to Crete Carrier as possible. There is no cap on how many referral bonuses you can receive. In 2015 alone, Crete Carrier paid over $139,000 to existing drivers in referral bonuses. In 2017, that figure increased to more than $366,000.

Driver Recruiter Tips and Tricks

It may be intimidating talking to a driver you just met and encouraging them to join Crete Carrier, so here are suggestions we have found to work well. Here are some tips for starting the conversation.

  1. WEAR COMPANY GEAR. Wear a Crete Carrier branded shirt or jacket. This works well as an icebreaker if you are not near your truck. You can introduce yourself with your name followed by the company you work for. Follow up this introduction with reasons you enjoy driving for Crete Carrier and benefits you receive because of it.
  2. RECRUITING TOOLS. As you hit the road to make your first referral, reach out to our recruiting team for training and business cards.
    • Crete Recruiting: 800.998.2221
    • Shaffer Recruiting: 800.669.0322
    • Hunt Recruiting: 888.228.9685
  3. WHAT TO TALK ABOUT. As you chat with your fellow drivers at truck stops, be honest and open about your experience at the company.
  4. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. Many times, as we talk to friends, we complain and vent about issues we encounter on a day-to-day basis. This is a perfect example of providing solutions. In some instances, a solution may be – Crete Carrier allows up to two pets on the road with you, so feeling lonely, or missing your pets while running a route is avoidable!” Or – “Crete Carrier offers an extensive benefits program that has covered me many times!”
  5. KEEP IN TOUCH. To help ensure your referral has success at Crete Carrier, keep in touch with the driver in case they have any future questions. This will make their transition enjoyable and you may even become close friends through this experience.

If you have questions about the referral program, please contact recruiting at 800-998-2221.