Striving to Be the Best

Crete Carrier Corporation Principle #5: Be the best trucking company in the country.

With our company roots in rural Nebraska we tend not to toot our own horn. Humility is in our DNA. But we also believe in setting the bar high. And over the last year we’ve reached that bar in many ways.

We wanted to take a moment to recognize the extraordinary performance of the entire Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking family in 2019. Six of our valued partners recognized us as their Carrier of the Year for 2019. The list is a Who’s Who of American business: Walmart, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Home Depot and Transplace.

The specific criteria for each award varies, but all are based on our bottom-line performance; delivering for our customers safely and efficiently every day. Our relationships with each of these companies go back many years—and have been built on a foundation of communication, teamwork and trust.

Crete President and COO Tim Aschoff reflected on comments made by one of the companies in a recent video to employees.

“What makes us most proud is they recognized the value of all of you. They said we have some of the best team members out there—from our drivers, to our office team members working directly with them and our sales team members. And they know the quality and dependability of our equipment—they mentioned that we must have great shop personnel as well.”

Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucking earned these awards because our drivers are among the safest, most reliable and professional drivers in the business. Our shop technicians provide timely service to keep our tractors and trailers on the road. The operations team puts the puzzle together every day, matching drivers with freight to be as productive as possible. Our sales team and customer service representatives work with our customers to develop long term plans–and respond quickly when those plans must change.

Behind the scenes the fleets and safety teams at our terminals throughout the country are there to assist drivers with their needs. The IT team keeps the data flowing and provides tools to help us all do our jobs better. And the office staff keeps the business operations working for everyone.

In the end it’s about great people working together every day to serve our customers and live up to Company Principle #5.