August 2018 Drivers of the Month

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Company News, Driver News

Congratulations to all of the drivers below for being selected driver of the month for their respective terminal. Many elements are considered by the individual fleet managers in their selection for Driver of the Month. Safety, mileage, attitude, and appearance are among the key traits of a true professional and a driver who takes a great deal of pride in their work. The qualities you exhibit on the road are exemplary of the type of driver we strive to hire and retain here at Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation. Thank you very much for your commitment to excellence. Your quality and your ability to apply that to the completion of your job are greatly appreciated by everyone at Crete Carrier Corporation.

Rory Jones Cheyenne, WY Crete Carrier
Ed Lauer Cheyenne, WY Shaffer Trucking
Fred Davis Columbus, OH Crete Carrier
Timothy Cox Columbus, OH Shaffer Trucking
Shaun Simmons DeLand, FL Crete Carrier
Herbert Hart DeLand, FL Shaffer Trucking
Patrick Martin Greensboro, NC Crete Carrier
Gregory Reschman Greensboro, NC Shaffer Trucking
Bree Piper Indianapolis, IN Crete Carrier
Christopher Cain Indianapolis, IN Shaffer Trucking
David Collins Kansas City, MO Crete Carrier
William Bell Kansas City, MO Shaffer Trucking
John Bristol Knoxville, TN Crete Carrier
Patrick King Knoxville, TN Shaffer Trucking
Jason Morberg Lincoln, NE Crete Carrier
Michael Morenzetti Lincoln, NE Shaffer Trucking
Betty Creech Marietta, GA Crete Carrier
Billy Spradlin Marietta, GA – S.E. Regional Crete Carrier
Raymond Shouder Marietta, GA Shaffer Trucking
John Fazzio Memphis, TN Crete Carrier
John Dudley Memphis, TN Shaffer Trucking
Keith Ramsey New Kingstown, PA Crete Carrier
Frederick Rush New Kingstown, PA Shaffer Trucking
Michael Anderson North Platte, NE Crete Carrier
Alan Wells Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation
Robert Morgan Phoenix, AZ Crete Carrier
Mark Hunt Salt Lake City, UT Crete Carrier
Kenneth Hawkins Wilmer, TX Crete Carrier
Mark Taylor Wilmer, TX Shaffer Trucking
Timothy Johnson Lincoln, NE Crete Carrier
Bruce Pomeroy Omaha, NE Hunt Transportation