Keeping Kids Occupied on the Road

by | May 24, 2018 | Driver News

One of the most difficult aspects of truck driving is being absent for major milestones in your child’s life. Many times, as a truck driver, you are not put in a position that allows you to bring your spouse, children or even pets on the road with you. Fortunately, here at Crete Carrier Corporation, we provide you with the option to do both with our No-Cost Rider Policy and our Pet Policy.

Different from Skyping or Face Timing, bringing your child along for an over-the-road haul is a one-of-a-kind experience. Trips like these are very impactful for a child and can provide a unique bonding experience between the two of you. Trucking is truly a family affair here at Crete Carrier Corporation.

While this experience is exciting for both you and your child, kids require special attention on the road. As their minds are on the go, so are their bodies. Follow these helpful tips to keep your kiddos occupied while you drive!

Bring a tablet

Tablets have endless opportunities to learn, play, and pass time.

  • Download educational or just-for-fun games
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Watch a movie and listen to music

Tablets allow your child to learn through educational games or listening or reading an audiobook with a complex storyline. If it is time for fun, your child can go on an adventure with their favorite cartoon character in their favorite movie.

Bring activity books

Activity books allow kids to be creative. Better yet, bring activity books with stickers! Sticker activities allow kids to be creative without the mess of pens and markers in your cab.

Teach them how to navigate

Bring a paper map and send your child on a map-quest. Give them a map and have them mark it up with things they see when you pass major landmarks and cities along your trip! It also helps them how to trip plan the “old-fashion” way.

Have story time

Tell your child where you are going and ask them to tell you a story about the adventure you are about to go on! For example, you could be cowboys on your way to Texas to round up a herd of cattle. Creativity is a sure way to pass time by.

Stay safe and enjoy your one-of-a-kind trips with your kiddo and be sure to share your photos and stories with us on our Crete Carrier, Shaffer Trucking, and Hunt Transportation Facebook pages!