Spring Clean Your Cab

by | May 17, 2018 | Driver News

The weather is warming up and it’s time to do some spring cleaning–semi edition. Living in a confined space most of the year can feel claustrophobic. Brighten your living environment by getting organized. These free or inexpensive storage solutions can drastically transform your cab.

Under Bed Storage

Crete Carrier and Shaffer Trucks come equipped with an upper bunk bed which many drivers use for storage. If space allows, you can move those items under your bed. This allows you to fold up the bunk, creating a vaulted ceiling effect that makes your cab feel more spacious.

You may already use part of your under-bed storage for equipment. But by better organizing the space, you may free up some room. Under-bed storage is great for keeping large and bulky items, cleaning supplies, and items you don’t use frequently. You can purchase cheap medium-size storage bins from Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.

Crete Carrier’s 2018 trucks and newer models come equipped with automatic lights under the bed. If you have an older model truck you can attach a couple battery-powered nightlights. Use Command Strips to attach them to the bottom-side of your bed so you are able to see your stored items.

Closet Organization

Though your closet space is limited, there are ways to optimize the space you have.

By hanging all of your clothes, you can store other items at the bottom of your closet. Hang pants on the cross-bar section of individual hangers and put a shirt over the top. These space-saving hangers found on Amazon can free up more space.

Now that your closet floor is clear, split your floor space in half, storing an extra pair of shoes/boots on one side, and a small bin filled with medications and toiletries on the other side.

Other Storage Solutions

If you have hats or other items that can be hung up, use sticky hooks on your walls to reduce clutter. At Crete Carrier we do not allow drivers to drill holes, use nails/screws, or permanently damage or alter the trucks in any way. By using removable sticky hooks, you can organize items without using up valuable floor space.

The built in storage on the side/corner of your bed could house a small TV, a microwave, or other appliances. You can store food, drinks, utensils, and plates on the shelves below, similar to a pantry. If you drive a 2019 or newer truck, you will have a fridge with a drawer below for food and drinks.

As you are well aware, keeping hydrated is vital to your health. If you buy refillable gallon water jugs, you can store these between the passenger seat and their door if you are a solo driver, or under your bed to prevent them from rolling around.

If you still need more storage, try using a hanging shoe organizer for miscellaneous items. You can hang this along the back wall of your cab by removing the metal hooks and replacing them with command sticky hooks.

An organized cab can help you feel more comfortable on the road. Use these tips, and your own ideas, to make it the best for you.