Time to prepare for winter

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Driver News | 0 comments

Winter is approaching. Parts of the mountain west region even had snow this week! Now is a great time to get prepared for the inevitable season of snow, ice, wind and cold.

As I write this it is still warm outside. Of course at some point we will need to dig out our winter gear and be sure it’s usable and ready to go. Don’t be caught by surprise. Get this done as soon as you can.

If you are traveling through Colorado and will be going west of Denver you are required by law to have tire chains on your truck on and after September 1. Make sure the chains are packed if you might be heading that way.

Right now would also be a great time to check the operation of your truck’s bunk heater to be sure it is working properly. If not, then you need to get routed to an AMS shop to get it fixed.

The AMS shops will soon have fuel anti-gel additive and winter windshield wipers available at their parts counters. Be sure to get what you need so you have it when you need it.

I have found it’s best to change over to winter windshield washer fluid that has a lower freeze point than what we use in the summer. Stock up. It can go fast when the roads get sloppy.

Packing non-perishable food with your winter gear would be a good idea when you have an opportunity to do so.

When it comes to winter remember the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”.

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