Getting the Most from Social Media

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Company News, Driver News | 0 comments

Social media has become an important part of life for many Americans—and people around the globe. We wanted to share a little bit of how Crete Carrier Corporation approaches our use of social media.

If you break down the term, “social” is about the way we interact with each other; “media” refers to the content and how it’s shared. Social media platforms have made it easy to share content (stories) with each other. As individuals we share content about ourselves with family and friends. Businesses use social media differently. Some are trying to sell their product or service.

For Crete, Shaffer and Hunt, it’s a way to share important news and information with our drivers, office staff, and shop employees. Our audience also includes friends and family of those folks, and others who have an interest in the company or the trucking industry. The content generally covers company news and information for employees, stories about the trucking profession and lifestyle, and special events or awards.

We don’t have a lot of rules on our social media platforms but we like to keep things positive. We don’t allow profanity or personal attacks. Honest questions and comments are always welcome. If you have specific questions (outside of a Facebook live event) it’s best to ask those through a private/direct message. We’ll do our best to get an answer for you, but for drivers, if you need information quickly it’s best to contact your asset manager or fleet manager.

We strive to provide interesting and engaging content. Hopefully you’ll see something you’d like to share from time-to-time. We like to have fun but we also take our role of providing important work-related information seriously.

Social media is about interaction and we count on submissions from drivers and employees to provide great content to share. We love it when drivers send photos and stories about experiences on the road. Photos of employee events or community outreach projects are great ways to spread the news about what it means to be part of the #CreteFam. The easiest way to send us content is with a private/direct message on Facebook.

We’re always looking for new ideas and suggestions. If you’re interested in writing blog posts, message us with your ideas. If you’d like to see more information about specific topics, let us know.
You’ll find us on Facebook (Crete Carrier Corporation, Hunt Transportation), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedInYouTube, and SoundCloud.

There are also several private groups on Facebook set up by Crete/Shaffer/Hunt drivers. These can be great ways for drivers to share information and support one another.

One more thing about Facebook. You might not always see our posts if you don’t have Crete Carrier Corporation or Hunt Transportation selected in your preferences. To do so click on the “down” arrow in the blue bar at the top of your page. Then click “News Feed Preferences”, choose “Prioritize who to see first”, and select Crete Carrier Corporation and/or Hunt Transportation.