ICYMI—Winter Driving Edition

In Nebraska, we have a saying. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. This winter season (which really started in the fall) has brought the usual challenging conditions at different times throughout the continental U.S. The south Atlantic Coast was paralyzed by an early December storm that dropped 1-2 feet of snow in some places. Another major storm appears to be headed that direction out of the Midwest this weekend. Of course the Great Plains and Mountain West have seen the normal high winds with snow and ice. With 10 more weeks of winter ahead, we thought it would be good to once again share some recent winter driving blog posts from longtime Crete Carrier drivers John Kingsley and Jeff Barker. Great tips and reminders for anyone who’s on the road this time of year.

Looking Ahead to Winter Driving—Part 1 – John Kingsley shares how he prepares for driving in winter conditions.

Looking Ahead to Winter Driving—Part 2 – John Kingsley offers valuable tips for driving on a variety of surfaces and conditions.

“Riding the Storm Out”—Surviving those Winter Storms – Jeff Barker discusses the importance of staying informed of changing conditions, and when you need to change your plans.